Meet the Team

Time to meet the team! As I write this the shop has not been open for seven weeks and sitting patiently in the side lines is the fantastic team that surrounds me waiting patiently to come back to work.

My Favourite Things To Do in Stockbridge

If you are ever in the area Stockbridge is well worth a visit and in this blog I have put together a guide of my favourite places that I think would appeal to the Cleverly Wrapped customer.

The Cleverly Wrapped Shop is Open!

Now we have been open seven whole days I have finally found the time to share a few more photos of the shop and the opening day.

The Cleverly Wrapped Shop

Although CW is growing quickly as an online business it has always been a dream of mine to have a shop and now I am very excited that it is finally coming to fruition.

Let Me Do All The Hard Work

I was chatting to somebody who knows about marketing things yesterday and we were discussing how scarves were a very over crowded market place in the UK. I was explaining…

My First Buying Trip to Paris

It’s never great leaving your family on a Sunday night. However, once seated on the Eurostar with a copy of Vogue and Grazia, when I had promised myself I would read the Sunday papers, things didn’t seem so bad.

Justine – Our Photographer

Twelve years ago I met Justine at a gorgeous off-beat place in Dubai known as DOSC or The Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.

Cleverly Wrapped – The Inspiration

Scarves, scarves and more scarves.

A Shameless Plug for My Husband

Back in November my husband Simon and I were driving to the first of many 50th birthday parties – it is him who is in his 50th year and not…