Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury corporate giftsCome to us to discuss your luxury corporate gifts. If you want to do things a bit differently and are looking for unique luxury corporate gift ideas then you have come to the right place.

We have recently received a number of corporate orders for both scarves and other accessories.

One order was for goody bags for an evening function for celebrities and influencers. Another was for gifts for press as a teaser for the launch of a new product. We have also done large orders for companies and individuals at Christmas time where we are happy to provide a very bespoke service and even order in products to match a budget or theme.

The photo here is a corporate gift order for a London based company who sent over 200 scarves to their clients as Christmas gifts. We did all the fulfilment and also arranged for the company’s own Christmas cards to be inserted into our boxes.

Below is a direct quote from a thank you letter received by the company that sent all the scarves to their clients.

“I recently received a note from our local post office to advise me to collect a registered article. These are generally only the precursor to bad news! I traipsed off yesterday to see what was in store for me and was very pleasantly surprised to be presented with a beautiful gift all the way from chilly London. Belated thank you’s for the wonderful scarves you sent out for my wife and myself – they truly are a thoughtful gift and the thought is much appreciated. When I look at the corporate gifts some of the companies we are connected with hand out, I think we should be sending some decision makers your way for some lessons in how to do things – thank you for the thought and very well done in your choice of gifts.”

If you would like to speak to us about how we might help with luxury corporate gifts for your customers and clients then please contact us and we would be happy to talk through the options.