Cleverly Wrapped – The Inspiration

Over the years I’ve gathered quite the collection of scarves. Not only do I have a scarf drawer, I also have a scarf pile which lives on the floor and a scarf ladder which is interspersed with necklaces. There are all sorts – vintage, cotton, rayon, cashmere, silk, linen and on it goes. Some were expensive, some were cheap. The expensive ones go the distance and come out year after year. Some are big and some are small.

As Cleverly Wrapped immerses me further and further into scarf world I love the diversity that the different sizes bring and become more and more adventurous with different ties and knots.

Maybe this love of scarves has come about because of their forgiving nature. At various times in my life I have used scarves to hide different parts of my body: my tummy when I’m feeling fat, my neck as I get older, my sun burn when on the beach, my hair when it’s greasy and my boobs when my top is too tight!

However, the number one reason I love scarves is their ability to transform any outfit. Step out the door in jeans and a neutral top, throw a gorgeous scarf round your neck and that’s all anyone will notice. There is one caveat to this. You will have to wear great shoes or boots too!  Once you start getting into this scarf thing it’s totally addictive – you suddenly find you need one in every colour and every fabric and every size.

For transitional dressing a scarf is the answer to everything. In those awkward months of September and March just stick to neutrals and add a pop of colour.

Buy a new scarf and a new pair of shoes at the start of Winter and Spring and rather like a new hair cut your whole wardrobe will be transformed.

Cleverly Wrapped is not just for the love of scarves. It’s about thinking of the perfect present for any friend or family member that is simple to buy and easy to post.  It’s about being able to give a luxury gift without having to worry about the size. In fact the only two things you need to consider are how much you want to spend and what colour and style the recipient will like. The packaging tops it off. Most people can testify to the pleasure of receiving a beautiful box tied in bespoke ribbon and filled with a gift that is momentarily hidden in tissue.

And finally Cleverly Wrapped is about me! It’s about being in the back half of my 40s and realising I don’t want to spend my life working for other people. It’s about having a go and taking a punt.

It’s about having a vision and embracing it and for the time being it’s about keeping it simple.

Scarves, scarves and more scarves.

It’s a wrap!
Harriet x