A Shameless Plug for My Husband

Back in November my husband Simon and I were driving to the first of many 50th birthday parties – it is him who is in his 50th year and not me!

It was a long journey with no kids in the back and I decided to seize the moment to enlighten him with the plans for “my new life”. I explained that I wanted to start up an e-commerce business, what the concept was, how I thought I could make it work with our family life and how I planned to finance it. He was totally unfazed. In fact he appeared to be rather excited and his immediate question was “What’s it going to be called?” to which I replied “Well, that’s a bit of a stumbling block”.

Given that he’s a lawyer and could have spent the rest of the journey quizzing me on the finer details of my business plan we actually spent the rest of the time brainstorming a name. After a while he turned to me and said “how about Cleverly Wrapped?”. You know when you know? I knew! Phew! I was ready to roll.

The following day I registered the company name and the web address. Since then there has been a dramatic fall off in the level of family administration, a complete collapse in the catering department and we are nearing the time where he might need to start booking the family holiday. However I haven’t noticed any complaints. I just hope I sell a few scarves!

Thank you husband for being called Cleverly and thank you for being so enthusiastic and so supportive. x