Let Me Do All The Hard Work

I was chatting to somebody who knows about marketing things yesterday and we were discussing how scarves were a very over crowded market place in the UK. I was explaining that every department store, every boutique and every gift orientated website sold them. He was wondering how I sold so many scarves given that fact and I explained to him why I thought that was.

He said “Have you ever written a blog on that?”. I said “No, but I will!“ So here goes…

Every year I visit about 8 different accessory trade shows, 2 of which are in Paris and I then visit countless fashion agencies in London.

For each trade show I attend there are probably about 30 exhibitors selling scarves. I look at them all and then buy from about 6 of them.

Of the six that I buy from, I buy what I think are their 5 or 6 best scarves from that collection. I then go back to London and visit the agencies and do the same making sure I have got the right mix of colours, fabrics and price points across all categories like silk, wool and cashmere.

I think I am the only website in the UK who is dedicated to doing this which is why I think if you love scarves or want to buy a scarf as a present you should come to CW as the edit has been done for you.

In numbers. I probably look at about 4000 scarves a year and buy 120! All the work has been done for you including the gift wrapping!

Harriet x