I’m Loving These Small Silk Scarves

Spring is coming and with it a whole new styling opportunity in the form of small silk scarves.

This Bella Ballou Jungle Silk Scarf is my favourite as it embraces so many colours it will literally go, compliment or clash with everything which is exactly the sort of look you should be going for.

I’ve shown it here above on our gorgeous model Izzy as a hair tie, a hand bag accessory and a headband.

Thats not to say you can’t actually put it round your neck! It could be worn folded into a v at your front or folded into a narrow band and tied in a knot or bow depending on how jaunty you are feeling.

And don’t forget the other option of simply tying it round your wrist in that rather boho festival style.

This one is £48 and look at how much fun it can bring you or a lucky recipient!

Harriet x