Corita Rose Clutch Bags

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Corita Rose is a textile design company founded in 2009 by artist and designer Caroline Ritchie and her husband Joshua.

Having grown up in London, Caroline spent years travelling, raising a family and teaching art to young children. Now based in Dorset, Caroline’s love of colour and imagery led to the foundation of her company Corita Rose, named in part after Sister Corita Kent, a dynamic artist and screen printer working in 1950s Los Angeles.

Caroline uses iconic imagery, pattern, colour, and changes of scale to create Corita Rose clutch designs that echo the past and look to the future. Her designs use rich fabrics with strong imagery and bright, vivid colours for use in interiors and accessories. Caroline’s inspiration comes from different cultures and eras, from tribal and folk art, to heraldry and medieval designs.

Corita Rose creates luxurious and vibrant fabrics. Designs vary from traditional pattern repeats to small and large-scale individually designed panels of fabric for use in bespoke furnishing ranges.

Each season they produce a new range made here in the UK, supporting and working with British manufacturers. We love colour at Cleverly Wrapped and we love a Corita Rose clutch!

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