Fab Himalaya Scarves

Fab Himalaya scarves are a lovely brand with a great story from the Himalayas. We have been stocking them for four years and their scarves are always best sellers.

Fab Himalaya is actually a co-operative society formed by a group of Himalayan tribal women with the aim of creating employment and economic development in the Himalayan valleys of Manali, Kullu, and Spitti. The women are from a very poor economic backgrounds but their hard work, enterprise and enthusiasm has enabled them to sell their scarves globally.

Their scarves are beautifully handwoven in the foot hills of the Himalayas using natural raw materials sourced locally.


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Lime wool scarfNewLime wool scarf
Fab Himalaya

Lime Himalayan Wool Scarf

Magenta Wool ScarfNewMagenta wool scarf
Fab Himalaya

Magenta Himalayan Wool Scarf

Purple Himalyan Handwoven ScarfPurple Himalyan Handwoven Scarf
Fab Himalaya

Purple Himalayan Handwoven Scarf

Cobalt-Himalayan-Hand-Woven-ScarfCobalt himalayan handwoven scarf
Fab Himalaya

Cobalt Himalayan Handwoven Scarf