Absolut Cashmere

Absolut Cashmere is a French brand created in 2012 to design affordable cashmere. Absolut Cashmere mainly designs cashmere jumpers and we have been a UK stockist of Absolut Cashmere online and in our shop for over three years now with customers often returning for more.

The Absolut Cashmere design studio has developed about thirty stylish colours and a range of shapes from which to choose from. They have adopted the best method of fibre dyeing which means their pigments are perfectly dosed and eco-conscious while not affecting the quality or softness of the cashmere. The softness of the cashmere jumpers is incredible and the cashmere also washes very well.

The team at Absolut Cashmere visit Inner Mongolia each season to check that their quality requirements are well respected and especially that their goats are well treated. It is essential for them to stay close to their producers in order that they work together with the same passion.

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