Mayla is a Swedish brand that pushes the limits of sustainable fashion by creating stylish clothing in a climate-friendly and cruelty-free way with no compromises. Coming to the realisation that fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world is what started the process of making Mayla a truly sustainable brand. This meant putting the welfare of people, animals and the environment at the core of everything they do.

As a natural step in this journey, Mayla became a fully vegan brand in 2020 and is officially approved by PETA, the largest animal rights organisation in the world. The certification guarantees that everything produced by Mayla is cruelty-free and contain non-animal derived materials.

Mayla was founded in Stockholm by designer Marlene Abraham with the aim of becoming the go-to-brand for aware and stylish women. Inspired by her travels and unique insight working for luxury fashion houses in Paris, Mayla was created with a global woman in mind who wants to feel free and confident in what she wears and where it comes from.

Whether dressing for holidays, attending business meetings or picking up kids from nursery, Mayla offers feminine styles with an edge that effortlessly takes you through each event of the day. Timeless pieces that are loved and worn season after season.


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