Rosemunde Tops

Rosemunde was founded in 2004 by Katrine Hannibal.

It is a non seasonal Danish brand which creates beautiful tops that are easy to wear and are both functional and feminine.

Popular styles include the lace vests and the ribbed tops. The tops offer  “a luxury feeling – every day”, and what perhaps best defines everyday luxury is their iconic silk top which has been in production since they first started.

For their silk essentials Rosemund only use the finest silk available, in a mix of 70% silk and 30% cotton. The silk/cotton combination allows your skin to breathe and regulates your body temperature helping you keep warm when it is cold and cold when it is warm.

Rosemunde silk tops are knitted as tubes with no side seams, resulting in a great fit no matter the body shape and a high level of comfort.

Moreover, Rosemunde is rooted in Scandinavian values, with romantic, feminine dynamism at its core. Functionality and femininity are the two essential elements in each and every piece that bears the Rosemunde name, offering women a luxury feeling – every day.




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