Beshlie Mckelvie Scarves

We have been stocking Beshlie Mckelvie scarves since September 2016 and she is always one of our best selling designers. Beshlie studied fine art at Belles Artes in Spain and specialised in print making. She has travelled extensively in Asia and America in order to further her print making journey.

Beshlie’s belief in the importance of projects that support craft traditions and women’s hand work in countries such as India and South America are integral to her way of working.

“My work is a fusion of all I am passionate about, beautiful design, traditional authentic craftsmanship and the empowerment of marginalised women is at the core of my ethos.” – Beshlie Mckelvie

Beshlie Mckelvie scarves come in both plain herringbone in an array of colours and also original designs that change seasonally.

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