Styling Summer Blues


I think summer is about keeping your cool and what better way to do it than in a refreshing palette of laidback blues…so here is a blog post on styling summer blues.


styling summer blues 1

Louise Hendricks Siam Gold Necklace £80, Rachel Jackson London Stepped Hoop Earrings 110, Philip Hogg Midnight Satin Trainers 96, La Petite Etoile Belted £59, Des Petits Hauts Danalie Ecru Cardigan £179, Cleverly Wrapped Batik Indigo Scarf £38, La Petite Etoile Denim Jacket £67, Sacrecoeur Blue Nora Shirt £89


For me blue it is such a comfort colour. Easy to pull out of the wardrobe and co-ordinate with other pieces without having to think too much about it. From pigment-rich indigos and breezy chambrays to washed denims and powder-blue hues, we’ve got them all. Add in some neutrals – highlights of white and cream – and you’ve got an easy-to-wear wardrobe for May and beyond…

styling summer blues 2

Bella Ballou Dragon Silk Scarf £99 , Yuka Ivory Belted Jacket £97, Louise Hendricks Large Gold Happy Earrings £102, Louise Hendricks Elektra Gold  Flower Necklace £65, Rachel Jackson London Stepped Silver Earrings  £93,  Crossley White Scoop Neck T shirt £39, La Petite Etoile Chambray Jumpsuit £99, Philip Hogg Lora White and Gold Trainers £99, Rose and Rose Ric Rack Skirt £148 


styling summer blues 3


Louise Hendricks Bazille White Cross Necklace £115, Eberjey Emery Woven Dress £210, Cleverly Wrapped Dove Grey Cashmere Wrap £88, One Season Indigo Belle Dress £149

All the pieces in this article are either from the Cleverly Wrapped current collection or from the John Lewis website. Where Cleverly Wrapped pieces are featured I have put prices for them in the copy below each inspiration square. Enjoy a good browse and hopefully come up with some ideas on how to refresh your own wardrobe.