Meet the Designer: Rose and Rose

We have been stocking Rose and Rose since I started Cleverly Wrapped in 2014 and it is one of my favourite brands as the pieces have a unique and bohemian feel to them which is the way in which I like to dress.

Meet Robert Rose who set up Rose and Rose in 2010 having sold his previous company Pink Soda in 2008. After a spell of travelling in Uruguay and Argentina he decided to go back into the retail world and to create something smaller with the goal of a simpler life.

What was your starting point for the brand?
I had been in this business for a long time; I wanted to focus my work more and decided to concentrate on a brand related to travel and lifestyle.

How long did it take for your business to be profitable
We were profitable by the second season. We achieved this by keeping overheads low, and realising that big offices and showrooms were not viable for our business model and that working more freely was – and still is – the way forward for us.

A dress and bag from the Rose and Rose Spring Summer 2020 collection

What is your favourite part of the job?
The creative process which is actually the shortest of part of the job
I love the creative process of designing – taking the seed of an idea and developing it into a whole range. 

Describe your typical day
The job is more cyclical….sourcing…design…..selling …..travelling…..production……FINANCE.
There is no typical day! When I design I am fully immersed in that. On other days I may need to deal with production issues and on other days I am travelling to shows or to visit customers or agents. 

The Connecticut Midi Dress – such love of detailing!

What has been your biggest success / greatest achievement?
It’s always satisfying to sell to a new luxury hotel or boutique in a far flung location!

What difficulties have you encountered?
As a small company we are sensitive to the problems that other companies might have, and unfortunately credit control can become an issue.

What are you doing to make your business more sustainable?
We only work with natural fibres and with small family holdings. Small is beautiful! We have also stopped using indigo as this dye takes up a huge amount of water.

Animal print dress from the current collection

How do you strike a balance between your home and work life?...
It’s not easy, but I try. At 5.30 all computers and iPhones are hidden until the next morning.  

Is there a conflict between the creative process and having to be a salesperson / admin / running a business?
I actually find this a positive aspect, because I am involved in the whole process; I can gather feedback from customers all the time and it comes directly to me. 

What advice would you offer to others just starting a business?
I have found that small overheads are important; they mean we can be more flexible, we can respond to changes more quickly and can weather storms better.

How did you come up with the name of your company?
Our name is a bit of an insider joke; ‘Rose’ is my surname, so I just used it twice to get  a more substantial ring to it! i started out as a would be pharmacist… rose and rose has a corporate pharmaceutical ring to it.

Such a beautiful and unique skirt

Where do you see yourself / your company in 5 years from now?
There are two directions which I would like to develop. One is concessions in luxury hotels or joint ventures in boutique hotels. The other is branching out and taking on new challenges – and maybe even doing a homeware line!

Thanks for answering my questions Robert and thank you for being such a top designer! Every collection is super exciting to see for the first time.

If you like what you have read here then take a look at our entire Rose and Rose selection online here.

Harriet x