Santorini Styling

Another blog to help you with your holiday styling inspiration and this time we are off to Santorini. Often described as the supermodel of Greek islands I thought it would be a good idea to dress appropriately. First up is this gorgeous white lace maxi skirt by Australian brand Lula Soul. It is both feminine, pretty and easy to wear and can definitely be dressed up or down to cover all occasions from a party to a holiday and with a festival thrown in-between. It is shown below with our model Daisy wearing it with our Star Mela cotton top.

Lula Soul white maxi skirt £169.00

Here it is with my friend Buggy wearing it on holiday in Kenya earlier on in the year. She chose to dress it right down with a plain white t shirt from Boden. There is a very lightweight underskirt which stops above the knee in case you are concerned re exposure! Here is the Star Mela top featured with the maxi skirt above. It is also great for wearing with jeans or any summer trousers.

Star Mela top £57

This top has been selling super fast. I think because of the great price point and also the fact that people can visualise themselves wearing it on all sorts of different occasions. It will definitely get lots of usage and the gold pattern on it is so flattering and pretty. I’ve just done a re-order on it as we were about to sell out so its currently available in all sizes. And here are some close ups of the sandals. I gave a pair of these sandals in white to my friend Emma for her birthday as she was heading off to Thailand. She informs me they are the best shoes she has ever had! Super comfortable and designed to go with everything in your wardrobe, they are the only pair of shoes you will need this summer.

Star Mela silver leather sandals £65

Let’s not forget a scarf. I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever been on holiday without several. This is a silk scarf by Bella Ballou and its great accessory to add to your holiday packing. Perfect for travelling, for using as a head band or wrapping round a bag but also great it you get a bit chilly at night.

Bella Ballou rectangular dragon eye silk scarf £99

And last but not least these gorgeous circular bags. Such a great holiday accessory which will go with everything and can be used every night as well as for shopping trips when you just want enough space for your wallet and a phone. Here it is in sage green and it also comes in black. This bag also makes a great present if you are looking for gift ideas for the summer.

Le Voyage en Panier circular bag £49

One of the things I like about all the pieces featured in this article is that they would actually all work in the UK too and are definitely not just holiday purchases. So whether you are off to Greece or France, the Bahamas or Thailand I think these will all work. I’m off to Devon and I’m not sure I can pull off the maxi skirt there but everything else will work!

Harriet x