Harriet’s Christmas Presents Guide

I thought it might be helpful to put some of my favourite suggestions for Christmas presents all in one place as I never seem to have enough space in the newsletters I send out.

As with most Christmas gift guides I am also going to break it down by category starting with what I would buy for my daughter (aged 15) and goddaughters in their teens.

I think the best scarf on the website at the moment for teenagers and girls in their twenties is the Rose and Rose big chunky scarf. More like a blanket with dreadlock style long tassels: it is very on trend as attested by my daughter Lucy who says when she wears hers round school she gets loads of compliments. It’s £54.

If you want to achieve a lower price point then we have some great jewellery stack necklaces in the shop. Sadly these are not online but I will show you the images below of my three favourites. They all retail at between £30 and £36 and can be ordered by calling the shop. We will gift wrap in jewellery boxes and take payment over the phone in the good old fashioned way!

Moving on to my mother. This is what I have bought her. She did drop several hints so I am pretty sure I am on the right track! (Sorry if you are reading this Mum and I have ruined your surprise!). This bag is also available in black, brown and red.

Now as my mother’s birthday is on Christmas Day I have to accessorise the bag with something else for her birthday and this is the perfect scarf to wear with it. By Irish designer Susannagh Grogan this silk scarf is truly beautiful and also comes in three other colour palettes so its a case of choosing the right one for skin tones and hair colour etc.

For my father I would look no further than a really beautiful 100% cashmere herringbone weave scarf. He’s had a few scarves from CW but I’m not sure he’s ever been treated to a cashmere one and I’m not sure why. Time to rectify! I can’t decided between the blue or the grey so have shown both here until I make up my mind.

For my sister’s in law who all ski and dog walk I have the perfect idea. A cashmere snood. These are so good if you want to be warm but don’t want bits flapping around your chest because you are being active! I love wearing a cashmere snood while skiing and ditto for dog walking and playing tennis.

This one from Absolut Cashmere comes in four colours and I’ve shown them all here.


For my brother. Now he’s a farmer and a bit scruffy compared with my Dad (sorry Bro!) so I think if I were to choose him a scarf it would be the CW chunky herringbone one in any of the colours. I think he would look great in all of them. I also know that his girlfriend would be very happy to borrow!

Everyone says it so it must be true. When you have to spend time Christmas shopping for others it is virtually impossible not to buy things for yourself or end up sending links. If that is your affliction let me help you on your way!!

These are a couple of items on the website that I think would make great Christmas wish list ideas for self.

The first is this cashmere pocket tunic dress. I really really want this dress myself but feel it would be better to sell it than have it. I would like to wear it on Christmas day in Yorkshire and to various other pre-christmas functions. Therefore I am constantly conflicted by my own desires and my commercial needs! It comes in navy and charcoal grey and would look as good with flats as it would do with ankle boots a higher boot. It’s super super soft and the pockets give it that extra edge that makes it so covetable.

The other things that fall into this “me me me” category are all the gorgeous hats we have in the shop by Jess Collet Milliner. Now as many of you will know Jess has done many hats for both of the recent royal weddings and we are proud to stock her hats in our shop. They sell so quickly and sizing is so tricky that we don’t put them on the website but you are welcome to ring up and any of the girls in the shop can talk you through what sizes and colour combinations we have available. They are £159 and come in size 55 and 57 if you happen to know your head size!

Here’s a pic of me and Charlotte trying on a couple for fun.

One final word about buying Christmas presents is that whatever list you have made you always seem to need a few extra bits and pieces at the end.

These card holders are a perfect example of something that’s good to have a few of in the present draw. They can be pulled out at the last minute when you realise you would like to give someone a little something. They are £20 each and perfect for party nights when you just want a card, some cash and a house key.

Now anyone who knows me will know that I love nothing better than helping people to find the perfect present for their loved ones. I love helping choose the right colours and I also happen to love wrapping. This post is really just a snapshot of what I would buy for my family but I am literally bursting with more ideas. I am in the shop a lot at the moment so please do pop down and say hello. Our gorgeous shop in Stockbridge is bursting with all sorts of exciting products and we even have a few more to come in so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Meanwhile happy shopping!

Harriet x