Behind the Scenes at Spirit of Christmas

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the build-up to Spirit of Christmas? The answer is rather a lot!

While my kids have been on half term there has been a lot of juggling taking place.

Logs chopped and drying out in the laundry room to be used as display stands for boots.

Signage just been delivered to glam up the stand and promote the competition we will be running.

These brand new mannequins and display fixtures were delivered on Thursday. Spot the tried and tested Ikea Lack shelves too! The boxes on the right are full of our black boxes.

Earlier on in the week I went to the shop and loaded up my car with all the stock. There is rather a lot of it! The image below is just a third of it. Three separate car trips!

On Saturday I hired a van and Ruben, Gloria and I headed off to Olympia to do the set up. We left home at 7.30am and got back at 6pm. Not bad considering what we achieved.

This is what the stand looked like when we arrived.

Here are our neighbours Lulu B jewellery putting up their stencil! Go girls!

And finally – the finished product…

And another angle.

Hard work but I really enjoyed it. It’s creative and I like that. Bit like doing interior design but all in a day!

Please do come and find me at Spirit this week. I’ll be there every day and my stand number is J1. Its right by both the main entrances and next to the shopping drop off point and The EAT W14 cafe. Sounds good right??? Let’s hope so!

Hope to see you there!

Harriet x