Spring Summer 2018

As I sit here writing this the Beast from the East and Storm Emma are in full force and I am wondering whether anyone is really interested in my beautiful offering of Spring/Summer resort wear?!

However, we can’t worry about the weather because it won’t be worrying about us so I must forge ahead with my collection of largely cashmere and cotton scarves and clothing.

If you are reading this then hopefully you will have taken a look at the website and seen that this season CW is still long on scarves (of course) but I have also taken a whole new journey into much more of a clothing collection. You will see dresses, shirts, jumpers, kaftans and even shoes!

I did so well with my kaftans last summer that I have decided that going forward there is a lot of fun to be had with clothing for Spring/Summer so I set off to Paris last September with a broader buying scope in my mind than usual. If you have been following CW for a while you will know that I do a lot of my buying in Paris. The reason for this is I am trying to bring you items that are different, not on the high street in the UK and that hopefully have a bit of an edge to them. I find that by going to trade shows in Paris I get to see so many companies from all over Europe and often manage to buy from smaller and newer companies.

The chambray tunic in the image above is just one example of the sort of items CW is now stocking. It is by a small Parisian company called Sous Les Paves and I fell in love with everything they had on offer. I settled for the tunic in three colours and also the most gorgeous lightweight cashmere scarves in block colours which I thought would be great for Spring and chillier summer days. The Sous Les Paves scarf images are below.

By the way (and before you ask) we aren’t doing any jewellery this season. Although I am loving the current trend for big colourful earrings I think that jewellery tends to get a bit lost on the website next to all the scarves and clothes so I have settled for accessorising all the model shots from Topshop. What I have done is lots more pouches and beach friendly accessories like towels and bags.

Here is an image of my favourite pouch by another French designer Virginie Berman. It has so much beautiful detailing on it and comes in two other colours – red and black.

So hopefully I have enticed you enough for you to have a browse over on the website. Not everything is in yet – there are more kaftans and dresses to follow but I think we can wait until it gets warmer to start worrying about them!

Fingers crossed you like it!

Harriet x