Accentuate Your Assets


When it comes to finding clothes that suit you, there’s lots of advice out there on what not to wear. Instead, why not celebrate your assets and focus on accentuating them, by drawing attention to the parts of your body that you are most happy with.
Whether it’s your legs you love – or your upper arms, wrists, ankles, bottom or waist – we’ve something that will help flaunt your favourite feature!Scroll down to be inspired.


If your arms are in great shape, display them with pride in a short, frill-sleeve top or dress. When the fabric falls diagonally on the upper part of the arm, it will elongate the limb and accentuate tone and definition. 


If you’ve got the perfect pins, summer’s the time to display them, but remember to prep them first. Exfoliating, body brushing and moisturising will have them looking their best! Then choose a dress that’s marginally above or on the knee.


Whether you already have great waist definition or not, a waist-cinching belt will instantly create the illusion of a more defined physique and help balance the body’s proportions. Dresses that come with fluid, fabric belts create a cinched and seamless silhouette.


Pronounced necklines – a v-neck, square or sweetheart shape – are the perfect way to highlight a glimpse of collarbone and décolletage. This approach is specifically flattering for women with larger busts, but if it sounds a bit racy, balance things out by wearing longer sleeves, skirts or trousers.


Chances are, if you have slender ankles, you’ll have slender wrists too, so whatever your overall body-type, exposing these parts will create an impression of femininity and elegance. Choose a top or dress with either 3/4 length sleeves or elasticated cuffs, so that you can move them higher up the arm. Then opt for skirts, dresses, cropped jeans and trousers that sit just above the ankle.


Sorry to end on a bum note (!), but we’re delighted to say that, regardless of your booty shape, we’ve our own brand of jeans that will flatter and enhance any bottom. They feature just the right amount of elastane to support the derriere and are proven to be flattering on most figures. FACT!