Mood Boosting Colour


“To wear colour is a celebration in itself, a proclamation of life, positivity and optimism.”Nilgin Yusuf, Fashion Writer

It has been scientifically demonstrated that wearing colour uplifts our mood. It’s energising and transformative too.Although colour looks glorious worn from head-to-toe, those of you that are more colour averse – as opposed to colour adventurous – might prefer to choose vibrant accessories or separates. Team a magenta knit with your favourite denims or a lime scarf with a classic white shirt. Even a vibrant clutch will inject some colour and fun.  


Perhaps the most energising and joyous colour you can have in your wardrobe, pink is not only uplifting but it really brightens up the complexion when worn close to the face. Whether you wear it as a solid or as a print, pink exudes positivity and sunshine, even on a miserable day.

Consider teaming pink with white, if you want to dial down the intensity.


Emerald green is such a vivacious colour and breathes life into any look. Whether you opt for a modest pop, via a sliver of ribbon on a sunhat or embrace the shade in a floor length maxi dress, this is a standout shade that always catches the eye.

If head-to toe-green is too much, throw on a blue denim jacket to subdue the vibrancy.


What could be more dopamine-inducing in summer, than glorious sky blue! Whether it’s worn casually eg. a lighter shade of denim – or wedding smart eg. an elegant lace dress – it’s a glorious, feel-good shade, that suits every complexion, giving it universal appeal.

Teaming sky blue with white – be it jeans, trainers or a t-shirt – will really make it pop. Or you can lean into cream for a slightly softer style. 


From a citrus bright to a more coral hue, orange can pack a punch or make a softer statement, depending how you wear it. It looks great when paired with bold colours like pink or blue, whilst wearing it with navy or white will give a more understated, timeless look.

One of my favourite combinations is cobalt blue with orange. As complimentary colours on the colour wheel, they work beautifully together. 


The joy of wearing khaki is that it harmonises with pretty much every colour it’s put with. Its warm tones makes it an ideal partner for blue denim, patterns and pastel shades. It also offers enough interest to work as a stylish standalone too, whether worn as a jumpsuit or dress.

Try pairing khaki with lilac to create an unexpectedly harmonious combination.