Visit us in Stockbridge and we promise you a shop full of gift ideas – an exciting collection of clothing and accessories – plus super friendly, helpful staff, expert wrapping services and a very pretty window!

The high street is buzzing and the girls and I, dressed in CW (of course!), have been photographed in front of some of our favourite Stockbridge shops and bars. We’ve also shared tips on other local places to visit, along with the CW gifts we’re planning on purchasing for our loved ones!

Nicky wears a Smith & Soul knitted vest, CW cobalt cashmere wrap, CW black Jeans, Guanabana phone bag and Sofia earrings by Agape. Her top tip is a trip to Hilliers Garden Centre, Weyhill, for its food hall, presents and xmas decorations.

She’s already purchased our Nomad necklace by Louise Hendricks for jewellery-loving daughter Tatty.

Lou wears Damia dress by Idano, Ash boots and César gold necklace by Louise Hendricks. She recommends a trip to The Peat Spade Pub in Longstock. 

This year she’ll be gifting her sister-in-law the vibrant Inouitoosh Emerald Sagi scarf.

Erica wears the Maranta leather biker-style jacket, the Paisley Hearn wool scarf and dark blue Karen jeans from Five. Her top top is a visit to Thyme & Tides for all things Christmassy.

She’ll be gifting her new daughter-in-law the pretty Anahy blouse from Charlie Joe.

Phillipa wears the Moira dress by Traffic People. She recommends the Greyhound Pub in Stockbridge, for a cosy dinner.

She’s planning on buying her husband a cord shirt, but is yet to decide on whether to get the navy or the sky blue.

Mouse wears the reversible Oakwood Alessia coat, a navy poncho by Sheep By The Sea and an orange herringbone wool scarf. She loves the Greengrocers of Stockbridge for quality fruit and veg.

Her husband Tim’s CW navy gilet is already wrapped and ready to go under the tree.

Serena wears the Raja knit by Co Couture, the Teddy vest by Smith&South, CW sapphire cords and a Fab Himalaya scarf. Her top tip is a visit to Davina Robbins Jewellery.
She’ll be buying the fuchsia faux fur Edelweiss gilet for daughter Indie.

Newest member to the team – Felix – is wearing the Melange stripe knit from Co Couture and CW indigo jeans.  She suggests a visit to Mokayo Cocoa for sweets and chocolate.

She’s set on buying her niece the faux fur gift set for Christmas.

Here I am wearing the reversible Oakwood Angelique coat and Inouitoosh Emerald scarf.  My top tip is a trip to our neighbours – George Clarke – for great gift ideas and items for the home.

I shall be gifting my daughter Lucy her own pair of CW cashmere lounge pants, so she stops borrowing mine!