Autumnal Outfit Inspiration

It’s that time of year when we need to start thinking about our winter wardrobe and how it’s going to work for us. So I’ve put together a few outfit inspiration ideas to help you on your way. Everything in the outfits is from Cleverly Wrapped apart from the jeans which are from John Lewis’ current season.

The new collection of scarves from Charlotte Simone is incredible and this one above is one of my favourites – super luxurious tie dyed wool and also available in pink. What’s not to love? Its well worth looking at the full collection of Charlotte Simone scarves on the website if you have a second.

This outfit is a bit more colourful. Its so easy to slip into greys and navy once the weather changes but I encourage you to try and have some colour in your wardrobe. It does wonders for your complexion! The orange cashmere jumper by Sparkz Copenhagen is a real winner and it is also available in yellow. If you can’t cope with that then we do have it in navy, black and grey too!

Maybe a bit early for leopard print faux fur but I couldn’t resist it and wanted to show it to you before it sells out. The oversized chunky jumper is also available in blue and is proving super popular in the shop. It’s a real weekend piece for snuggling up in.

This sleeveless poncho which is also available in grey is selling super fast and we only have a few left. It’s great for wearing over a long sleeve t and looks fab with a scarf too. These little suede ankle boots are clever as they have a hidden riser inside them to give you a little extra height. They also have a crepe sole so will be comfy all day long.

This one keeps it classic but jazzes things up with funky trainers. All the trainers we are stocking have been chosen in neutral colours so they work with any outfit. The brand is Crime London and their trainers are unbelievably comfortable.

Please do contact me directly if you have any questions as I love helping with styling advise.

Enjoy your autumnal browsing!

Harriet x