Women’s Fashion Trainers
Our women’s fashion trainers are sourced globally focusing on finding you lesser known brands with interesting designs that are not readily available on the high street.

The majority of our trainers come in neutral colours or with very few colour details so that they work with the majority of your wardrobe. We believe that when investing in a pair of trainers you should be able to wear them throughout the coming season without having to worry about colour clashes or intrusive design details that might throw an outfit.

White trainers are always popular and are very much in fashion at the moment. They have the a ability to transform an outfit into a more edgy version of itself while of course having the added benefit of being super comfortable and a treat for your feet.

We always try to have a variety in sole heights too. Some customers prefer a wedge sole to give them that bit of extra height whereas others prefer their sole flat and low.

Shop our women’s fashion trainers online now or come and visit us in our boutique in Stockbridge, Hampshire.


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