All In The Interest Of Scarf Research – My Colours

I have always thought that a good scarf in the right colour adjacent to your complexion can do more towards what you look like than a myriad of other accessories and treatments.

Moreover clients often come to me with their colour charts as a guideline for choosing scarves as they know how important it is to get it right.

I am very happy advising others on what suits them but I have never had a proper analysis done on myself so this morning I set off with my great friend Emma to delve a bit deeper into what works.

House of Colour specialises in personal colour workshops and has 120 consultants in the UK. Luckily for me one of their star consultants Kate Jones lives 15 minutes down the road in Whitchurch. Here she is in her studio standing by her colour wheel which is the key thing in colour analysis.

Before arriving we were told to wear no make up so that Kate could get a true read on our skin tone. Moreover we were then put in a hat and bib combo in plain white to strip things really back to basics!

Then followed a fascinating process where different colours were held up against us so we could determine whether we should be wearing a blue based or yellow based colour palette. The difference that colours made to our complexion was astounding.


After much analysis it was determined that I’m Autumn and Emmas is Spring and here we are in our favourite hues from our colour palettes.

In addition to doing our colours Kate also spent some time on make-up which I found particularly interesting. My big take out from this section is that we definitely both look better in lipstick but struggle to wear it. I cant work out why that is but I’m going to try and embrace the situation going forward especially as I now know which are the right colours to use.

The other great thing is I have walked away with my own colour chart which will be such a great help when shopping – no more wrong coloured jumpers and shirts in the wardrobe for me!

If you are interested in booking Kate she can be contacted on and of course you can search up other consultants on the House of Colour website.

Thank you for a great morning Kate!

Harriet x