Styling Large Cashmere Modal Square Scarves

This video shows me styling large cashmere modal scarves. One thing I have learnt about scarf styling is that many scarf lovers are intimidated by styling larger square scarves. What I believe is that some of the easiest scarves to style are large and square as they present the wearer with so many options. This is especially the case if they are made out of cashmere and modal as the addition of modal makes the cashmere so much softer and lighter.

I have therefore made this video of me styling large cashmere modal scarves by Jane Carr. As you will see there are many many ways to wear them and each of them requires the minimum of effort to achieve.

Enjoy the video and there are also some still images to take a look at.

Every collection I choose a Jane Carr scarf for myself and I end up wearing them the whole time as I get so many different looks out of them. Also her scarves tend to have so many colours in them that they seem work with everything in my wardrobe. They are firm favourites of mine.

Happy Scarf Styling!

Harriet x