Harriet’s Spring Summer 16 Highlights

I think that all people who work in fashion and retailing hopefully believe that their latest collection is better than their last. I say that because I think it’s human nature to want to better oneself and of course this becomes easier as you have history to learn from.

This is Cleverly Wrapped’s fourth collection and I am super excited by it.

Normally when the brown boxes arrive for unpacking six months after I have placed the order there are a couple of scarves that appear and I think “why on earth did I buy that?”!

This time I am loving every single scarf and am in a complete confusion about which ones to have for myself. There are some that are brilliant for wear now and others that I cant wait to get my hands on once the weather warms up a bit.

People who come to the studio often ask me which are my favourites. Here they are below. I’ve limited myself to 8! I couldn’t make it less.

  1. Rose and Rose Seville Cloudy Denim Scarf
  2. Jane Carr – Viper Silk scarf
  3. Innoui – Allegori Scarf
  4. Me and Kashmiere – Yellow and Black Buzz Scarf
  5. Amet and Ladoue – Chilam Pink Scarf
  6. Missoni – Barcelona Scarf
  7. Rose and Rose – Puerto Rico Scarf
  8. Lily and Lionel – Iris Lemon Scarf

Looking at my selection I think it I were to get all of the above I would have a scarf for every occasion. I will keep my clothes to neutral colour palettes, get myself a great new pair of pumps and style accordingly with the scarves. The Puerto Rico is for wear now and the Viper will be great to smarten me up when necessary. The others are all so colourful I can hardly wait to get them on.

Come on Spring. I’m ready for you!

Harriet x