SS15 Scarf Styling – Dea Kudibal

Dea Kudibal logo Dea Kudibal scarf Dea Kudibal scarf Dea Kudibal scarf Dea Kudibal scarf Dea Kudibal scarf

I have just finished two days in the basement doing a photoshoot for the spring summer collection. Justine was back on photography and I was the stylist, the photographer’s assistant, the tea girl and the producer! I must also give credit to our lovely model Emese who couldn’t be more patient and less diva like if she tried.

As you will see from the website we are now photographing every single scarf on a model so that you can see how it might look when you wear it and it also gives you an opportunity to see similar scarves styled in different ways.

I thought it might be interesting to look at these five scarves from Danish designer Dea Kudibal. All of the scarves have exactly the same dimensions of 2mx1m which is big. However – see how you can team a cashmere scarf with a silk shirt at this time of year and look ready for spring while still staying warm.

See also what a difference it makes as to how much tension you put in scarf around the neck. I think the tighter it is round the neck the more casual it looks. The Ranja Peacock scarf is basically tied in the same way as the Nolita Paisley Star but it looks much smarter as it drapes more softly.

All of these looks are easy to achieve with the exception of the one that folds in a V at the front, the Nolita Forest Blue – I was taught this style the other day whilst having a drink with scarf designer Laura Orchant. I was telling her that my preference is for wearing square scarves as I like putting then in a v at the front which I think looks very French. She showed me a way of doing that with a rectangular scarf which is what we have done below.

To do it put the scarf round your neck and hold it out in front of you taking the two top tips in your finger tips and letting the bottom ones fall down. Tie the two top tips together in a small knot, twist the knotted tips in a figure of eight in front of you and then put the loop behind your neck. The scarf should now fall in front of you in a soft and stylish and oh so chic way!

Harriet x