Totes Gorgeous Summer Bags


What is summer without a beautiful bag, to tote your belongings from A to B, be it apartment to beach, or wherever else you’re off to…These standout bags by Diana Wilson Arcana and Palme feature exquisite embroidery or crochet, a neutral lining, and inner zip-up pocket. They’re oversized, which furthers their impact and wonderfully tactile, which means they add a flash of interest to any outfit.If you scroll down, you’ll see I’ve styled each tote with a vibrant, one-colour dress to demonstrate how they instantly elevate the simplest of looks.

Which one will you choose?

First up, the blue one and it won’t surprise you to know this tote looks terrific teamed with white and all shades of denim. The crewel-style embroidery will add depth to a solid colour eg. this navy linen maxi dress, and make it more dimensional.

Acknowledging this summer’s crochet trend, this standout tote is a joy to behold. Understandably the colourful one, this piece will harmonise with so many items in your wardrobe. 

Designed in an understated palette of green, black and cream makes this the sophisticated one. The pops of emerald are really refreshing and will invigorate the neutral tones it’s teamed with.

This is undoubtedly the fun one, with it’s colourful tassels and vibrant crochet. It will add an upbeat energy to everything it’s worn with and will draw attention wherever it goes!

Last but not least the green one, featuring a radiating pattern of pink flowers and leafy stems. As opposites on the colour wheel, the mix of pink with green is harmonious and cheery.All of the embroidered bags feature strategically placed poppers around the top opening, which can be fastened to alter the shape and deter any unwanted attention.