CW SS19 Photo Shoot

I thought you might like a behind the scenes look at this week’s photo shoot. There is so much pre-work in planning a shoot that is all rather laborious. However, the actual day is normally fun and yesterday was no exception. I was working with my friend Justine who has always done the photography for the CW shoots and Gloria who was acting as a second pair of hands and also taking all of these photos. The model we selected was absolutely beautiful. She’s called Daisy and I can’t wait to show you the finished results.

Meet the team!

In the meantime this is what we got up to in the basement of my house.

We change the colour of the back drop every 20 images of so to keep things looking different on the website. Justine spends most of the time on her knees and I spend a lot of time blowing the wind machine at Daisy’s hair or holding the light reflector near her face. Needless to say my back is hurting today!

Getting right in close to photograph a head band.
In the pool house

We then ventured out into the pool house to get a some images that are a bit more lifestyle. Our own version of going on location! I’m now thinking I might be able to style the pool house in a different way for our winter shoot. Instead of the towels we could have faux fur throws and bean bags. Watch this space…

Here’s the finished article. Gorgeous Daisy in a Devotion dress with Sole Sister sandals. Who would have thought it was freezing cold and raining outside?

The final shot of the day – it’s a wrap!

Thank you Justine, Daisy and Gloria – you were all stars.

Harriet x