Inspiration for the Eadie Cashmere Scarf

When you are in the scarf business you spend a lot of time looking at other people’s scarves and how they’ve style them.

I have a friend called Sophie Eadie and she has got both the beautiful scarves and the creative styling nailed. Every time I see her she seems to be wearing a beautifully unique scarf, tied in an unusual manner, matched with varying jackets or tops and she always looks fab!

Over the last month I have been very busy uploading all the new Autumn Winter products onto the website. For every scarf I have to think of a name, write a description, input the size and fabric content and finally add the price in three currencies. The hardest bit is the name, which I obviously want to be descriptive of the scarf but at the same time give it an individual & identifiable title.

One of our new designers this season is Me and Kashmiere (they are not a new designer as such – in the sense that they are a well established brand). They are a brand that I have been keeping my eye on for a couple of years, ever since I first spotted them in the Liberty scarf room (where better to get a little inspiration!). What I think they are great at is creating wonderfully soft, understated, classic cashmere scarves in subtle, yet sumptuous colours.

We are stocking three scarves from them; one in natural, one in dusty pink and one in deep red. What I hope I have done is provide three completely varied colour options, which will suit a range of skin tones & wardrobes.

I think a natural cashmere scarf should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe – the dusty pink one is a gorgeous colour to wear near your face (especially against winter skin) and the deep red is perfect for those who want to add a splash of colour to their outfit. I can’t help visualising a dark coat, a red scarf and a carol service (too early to mention the festive season?!).

When I was naming these scarves I could think no further than Sophie Eadie. This is exactly the sort of scarf she would effortlessly loop & style to perfectly accessorise her outfit, whilst the quality cashmere serves it purpose & protects from the elements. Hence I called it the ‘Eadie Classic Cashmere Scarf’.

This got me thinking: Why not bring Sophie into the studio and ask her to style this scarf how she would wear it? Why not ask her if I could take some photos and share them on the CW journal? So I did & she said yes! Above are the results; all her own clothes, all her own styling – I hope you agree she looks fabulous & the photos have become the perfect model shots for the Eadie Classic Cashmere Scarf! No copying now!

Harriet x