Our Christmas Gift Guide

Sophie Goodwin, Style Editor for Tatler, kindly picked her favourite pieces for all the family for the Cleverly Wrapped Christmas gift guide. Each day for the last two weeks we have been posting an item from our gift guide, as chosen by Sophie.

Below you can find the full list (don’t forget we are open right up to the 24th December):

Day 1: Bohemia – Indigo Frill Scarf, £40

Day 2: cleverlywrapped – Commuter Express Black/Green, £40

Day 3: Juma Scarves – Turkish Tribal, £120

Day 4: Alexia Parmigiani – Hypnotic, £119

Day 5: Blue Raspberry – Skulls, £20

Day 6: Missoni – Charcoal Tracks, £180

Day 7: Laura Orchant – Bonfire Night Green. £149

Day 8: Begg – Thistle Down Slate/Ochre, £229

Day 9: Bohemia Festival Feather Pearl Grey, £49

Day 10: Catherine Tough – Diamonds & Crosses, £80

Day 11: Alexia Parmigiani – No.1 After Dark, £130

Day 12: Juma Scarves – African Tribal, £120

Hopefully our gift guide served as a bit of inspiration over the last few weeks & there will be many happy recipients, all Cleverly Wrapped on Christmas day!

Harriet x