Luxury Scarves for Women

Our luxury scarves for women have been sourced from all round the world in order to curate a unique collection of designer scarves in an array of fabrics, shapes and sizes.

All of our scarves for women are made from natural fibres and in particular we focus on cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. We believe that a beautiful, luxury scarf has the ability to transform an entire outfit and is an easy way to update and refresh your wardrobe by adding seasonal colours and accessorising prints with plains and vice versa.

We pride ourselves on having a carefully thought out edit of different shapes and sizes in our designer scarves. Rectangular scarves are always the most popular but we also ensure that we have square scarves, triangular scarves and skinny scarves sometimes known as twillys.

Scarves are great accessories for purchasing online as they are not sized, are light and easy to post and we have a broad selection of both colours and shapes as well as price points to suit every budget.

All of our women’s designer scarves arrive beautifully wrapped in our luxurious bespoke packaging which is free of charge.


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