M.A.B.E Apparel

M.A.B.E Apparel (formerly known as Star Mela) is a collection of beautifully crafted breezy summertime wardrobe essentials that marries vibrant colour and vintage-inspired prints with feminine silhouettes and easy-to-wear fabrics.

M.A.B.E has pledged to reject the backlash of mass consumerism so always make their designs in limited small quantities using sustainable fabrics. This is because they believe that natural fibres will always look, feel, and live better. By using these natural fibres, customers can shop more consciously.

Founded by two friends, the label is named after co-founder Kirstine’s grandmother Mabel; a Danish artist, designer and muse. Going by the nickname ‘Mabe’, she was renowned for a colourful, bohemian style and carefree spirit. An adventurer at heart, Mabe travelled the globe collecting exquisite textiles and beautiful handicrafts to add to her eclectic wardrobe.

Drawing inspiration from its namesake, M.A.B.E Apparel channels this effortlessly artful aesthetic, reinterpreting it for the contemporary woman. At the core of the brand are easy-to-wear separates realised in airy fabrics; cheese cloth shirts, embroidered tunics and fluid maxi skirts. These are pieces that can be worn with versatility both day and night.

Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail is at the heart of M.A.B.E; styles comes in a limited run to ensure every pieces is special.
We have stocked Star Mela for a while now and it has always been a popular brand with our customers. M.A.B.E chooses to use natural fibres because they are better both for people and the planet.Their beautiful fabrics feel great, look great and care for the earth due to their longevity.


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Neve Crochet Tote BagNeve Crochet Tote Bag
M.A.B.E Apparel

Neve Crochet Tote

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M.A.B.E Apparel

Neve Les Vacances Crochet Pouch

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M.A.B.E Apparel

Neve Magic Crochet Pouch