Jo Edwards Scarves

Jo Edwards scarves are from a London based company that captures the traditional vibrancy of the Indian design aesthetic and tailors them to European fashion. We have been stocking their scarves since we started in 2014 and love their colourful and gorgeous designs which come at an affordable price.

Jojo’s exceptional colour palette makes her designs stand out in terms of quality, style and affordability. Her love affair with India started in the 1980s when she travelled around the country, becoming so enthused with the people, culture and the richness of colour and art that she started importing some of the beautiful artefacts that had caught her eye.

As accessories became a must for every wardrobe, Jojo moved from furniture to fashion. Her skill at finding and creating the best materials, colours, and designs quickly led to starting her own label Jo Edwards Scarves.

Her love of the people and culture of India means that Jojo wants her fashion to make a positive contribution to the communities that produce them. She applies scrupulous ethical criteria to her business model, which she checks with personal visits each year. Products are manufactured by small, family companies, with caring staff management and strong community links.

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