Dilli Grey Nightwear & Accessories

Dilli Grey is a UK based brand that designs and produces beautiful, handmade, quality, ethical goods in gorgeous seasonal  prints.

We are excited to be stocking their eco organic cotton block print nightwear.

Dilli Grey has a reputation for being a sustainable brand that works hard on its ethical practices. All of their nightwear comes in organic cotton bags so there is no plastic involved in their supply chain. They were also the winner off the 2019 “Best Ethical Brand” in the good web guide awards.

Regular trips to India mean Dilli Grey are constantly working alongside the artisans whose hands are making their designs come to life, everyday. This is a partnership between their designs and their artisan’s skills that they hugely respect and honour. This close relationship also ensures their standards and commitment to a fair deal for those involved in their supply chains are being met at all times. All their artisans work in safe, clean environments where they are paid fairly and their skills are nurtured to allow them to grow as craftsmen and women in their own right, learning a tangible and valuable skill that they will have for life.

Dilli Grey also ‘buys conservatively’ which means they aren’t left with huge volumes of stock at the end of the season that they need to shift. Often they sell out of popular designs and whilst they know that disappoints many, they would rather create a position of zero waste at the end of the season.


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