Bella Ballou Scarves

Bella Ballou scarves is a Danish brand created by two friends Charlotte Fog Qvotrup & Tina Steentoft. After having travelled and lived in China for a couple of years, they were fascinated by the fantastic process of creating silk, right from the small and insignificant cocoon to the finest silk. This led them to creating a unique scarf-brand for women of all ages.

Bella Ballou only use natures’ own materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, modal, viscose and cottons. Their scarves are handprinted one by one, and the edges of the silk scarves are stitched by hand in the classic tradition, giving them a beautiful finish.  Production takes place under proper ethically correct conditions.

Bella Ballou scarves are always unique and and are developed in close collaboration with Danish designers and artists. The Bella Ballou name is incorporated in each motif which gives an extra dimension.

Bella Ballou silk scarves have become particularly popular with Cleverly Wrapped customers.

“Scarves can be used for many things. They can underline or create your style. They can add some spice to your outfit. And they can give you warmth on a cold day. Finally, they can be small individual pieces of art.” – Bella Ballou

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