Agape Jewellery

Agape was founded in Paris in October 2019. The name comes from ancient Greek and means “divine and unconditional love,” representing everything the brand stands for: kindness, love, and friendship.

Agape was created with the aim of making an authentic jewellery brand that offers a meaningful story behind each piece.

Under the influence of the Paris’s eternal elegance, their atelier produces high-quality but fairly-priced jewellery inspired by ancient culture but with a modern twist.

One of Agape’s two main brand goals is to create luxury, without taking a toll on Mother Nature. They believe that there is enough gold, gemstones and metals already produced on the planet, so instead of harvesting more, all of their gold is sourced from sustainable, recycled batches of gold meaning you can enjoy the jewellery’s designs with a clear conscience. The brass base that is used is also sustainably supplied with a guarantee that it contains no allergens. All of the brass bases are covered with a 24 carat gold to a thickness of three microns with matte gilding on top.

Cleverly  Wrapped is excited to be stocking Agape which delivers beautiful and interesting fashion jewellery at affordable prices making it perfect for gifting and also for embracing the trend for layering jewellery.


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Laurea Hoop Earrings

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Alba Verde Earrings

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Lysia Olive Earrings

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