The Perfect November Scarf

The discovery of fireworks is believed to have happened by chance approximately 2,000 years ago in China. It is thought that a Chinese cook accidentally mixed three common kitchen ingredients. These were heated over a fire and dried to give a black flaky powder which burned with a loud bang when ignited. This crude, early mixture has come to be known in today’s world as gun powder. The Chinese named this fascinating black powder “huo yao” (“Fire Chemical”) and developed it further. The mixture was inserted into the hollow of a bamboo stick and when thrown into a fire, the gases produced by the ignited burning powder inside caused an immense build up of pressure and blasted the tube apart. The basic fire cracker was born.

You may be asking “what’s this got to do with scarves?”. Quite a lot when it comes to Laura Orchant’s current collection.

Some of you may remember our launch back in September where we used a vivid, celebratory image as a background to our official launch post on social media. That was ‘Bonfire Night’ in green, by the talented, Laura Orchant. This scarf provides a fab explosion of colour; shards of fireworks tear through the still black background creating a strong, vibrant and striking scarf. Bonfire Night comes in ‘Green’ or ‘Pink’, in a luxurious 100% silk sable, meaning it catches the light fantastically – sharpening the vast spectrum of colours.

The second Laura Orchant scarf on the site is Avian Embers which comes in 2 colours; Grey (silk sable) and Red (cashmere modal). The cashmere modal is super-soft, cozy and warm and the print is described as Laura’s interpretation of ‘what underwater fireworks may possibly look like’. Whatever your interpretation of the design, it is most definitely a classy, increasingly understated scarf with fabulous artistic flair.

As Bonfire Night approaches I am excited to be going to a friend’s 40th and have already planned my outfit: a black silk t-shirt with the Bonfire Night scarf and black evening trousers that have a hint of leather. That makes me think – maybe I should take some fireworks as a gift?

Anyway less about me and more about Laura.

She set up her business 2 years ago after graduating from Ravensbourne College of Design in London  with a BA (Hons) in Womens Fashion and Textiles.

Laura creates hand-drawn sketches, often inspired by nature and the world around her.  She then digitally manipulates her drawings into an explosion of colour and fractal patterns.

Unique in their feminine and ethereal qualities, all her products are made with the finest quality fabrics and are hand finished with meticulous detail.

Her primary design goal is to develop a brand where “creativity and commercial fashion can join together without compromise, in order to give women an essence of their femininity.”

I discovered Laura Orchant through a piece of editorial about her in the Telegraph last year that my friend Mandy sent me.  I love it when my friends send me scarf stuff.

Funnily enough I have just opened the post and received one of the best spontaneous gifts ever: 50 Ways To Wear a Scarf by Lauren Friedman.  Thank you Al. This book is a fantastic reference for all scarf fanatics out there, so keep your eyes peeled, as we may have to get a few copies of this for our lovely customers in the near future…

Anyway, I am so pleased Laura is one of the CW designers – she is young, her designs are different and her prices are amazing for the quality and originality of the product.

Her scarves make an ideal present for someone special of any age. I know my mother would love Avian Embers in Grey and I can’t think who wouldn’t want to wrap Bonfire Night around their shoulders over a black leather jacket right now.

A Laura Orchant product is a piece of art, to be noticed and admired. We also believe November couldn’t be a more fitting time to treat yourself to a Laura Orchant scarf & as Bonfire Night approaches, they are the perfect accessory for keeping you wrapped up during any fireworks festivities.

Harriet x